Breakfast Nook & a Second Season



Every time I finish a new project I always get so excited.  My design projects are like babies to me. I love and nurture them until they are all grown up.  Well…not exactly (raising a little one is way harder) but you get the idea.  I think any designer that is passionate about what they do becomes very attached to their projects.  Especially when the clients are awesome to work with and have great style.  This was the case with my latest project.  I’ve been working with these clients for the last few months, and it has been a total joy.  They came to me asking if I would design their breakfast nook in their new home.  They moved to Atlanta from Houston and didn’t have anything that they wanted to keep in their new breakfast nook.  It was so much fun to literally start from scratch on their design.

I built their design around this fabric from Kravet.


I love using botanical posters from The Evolution Store in my designs.  They make such a statement in a room.


To give the room that warm and fuzzy feeling I shopped at local antique stores for accessories and one of a kind finds.



I found the cute little footstool at Target.  I’ll be reupholstering the top with plain burlap, but in honor of the London Olympics I left it in my photos.






On another note, Elbow Room got picked up for a second season on HGTV!!!!  I’ve already started designing with Chip and the rest of the team.  I’m looking forward to another fun season.  Last year I was so bad about taking behind the scenes pictures while we were on set.  I’m going to try to make a point to capture more of the good stuff on camera this year.  We have so much fun on the sets and I’d love to be able to share that with everyone.  We start filming in mid-October.  We are still accepting applications so if you live in the Atlanta area and need a renovation please apply.  You can apply here.  Good luck if you apply. 

Saw It. Loved It.

Just found this piece of art through a random google search. Saw it. Loved it. Got inspired. Don't know the artist and didn't save the link from the blog but I'm just dying over the colors. A master bedroom redo may be in the future after seeing this...if only I could convince the hubby.  

Happy weekend!