Show and tell

I finally got a chance to take a photo of my family room.  There are still so many things that I want to do in here but at least it is presentable. 

Exciting News !

I know it’s been a little quiet on the blog lately.  As if I didn’t have enough going on already with trying to get ready for Chase and wrapping up client jobs, now we’ve added a whole other element to the mix.  WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!!  I’m thrilled and stressed to the max at the same time.  Billy and I knew that our condo was going to be too tiny for a family of 3 and a half(our dog Sweetie being the half), but we were trying to make do.  Then, about 2 weeks ago, we found an amazing deal on a little 50’s ranch-style home and we jumped on it. 
What does this mean???  Well, it means that we’ll be moving into a new house while I’m almost 8 months pregnant.  [I know, I know…I’ve totally lost my marbles]  It also means that you’ll have to wait a little while longer to see pics of Chase’s room since it will be moving along with us.  We are hoping and praying that Chase will be patient and won’t try to come early.  We don’t really have a Plan B if that were to happen. 
We have our work cut out for us with the new house.  Right now it’s a total mess from the renter that is living there.  Once they move out and we get it painted, I’ll take some pictures to share with you.  I’m really excited about sharing the renovation process on the blog, but it will be very slow going.  I doubt I’ll have much time for renovation work while taking care of a newborn. 

latest project

i gave you all a sneak peek of my latest project on monday, and i finally have the rest of the pictures edited. 
i was so excited to finish this home.  it was a 4000 square foot model home in houston, texas and was so much fun to work on.  i’m going to go into more detail about my inspiration and give away some of my shopping secrets next week.  i’m also going to talk about some of the photo do’s and don'ts that i figured out since this was my first real photo shoot {on my own at least}. 
until then have a great weekend!