away from home

this week while my dad’s out of town i’m up in tennessee house sitting, dog sitting and watching my grandmother for him.  i was a little worried when i got here because i didn’t think i was going to be able to connect to the internet.  he must have changed the network key to his router since he wrote it down the last time, but after a trip to staples to purchase a cat5 cable that i can hook directly to the router i’m back in business. 
dad’s house is in pigeon forge on a mountain top so i’ve got a great view while i’m here.  i wish the trees had started to turn though.  there’s nothing prettier than fall in the mountains of east tennessee. 
i brought along some great reading materials…the new house beautiful and the new traditional home magazines.  they will keep me busy in case i run out of blog to read.  i’ve got a few blogs that i have been meaning to do some back reading on and haven’t had time so this will be the perfect opportunity.
Traditional Home Cover
i’m bad about flipping through new magazines before i sit down to actually read the articles.  i did sneak a peak at the cover story of house beautiful “rooms you’ll never get tired of.”  they are right, i don’t think i would get tired of this family room in california designed by michael s. smith.  in the magazine this image covers almost 2 pages so you can really see the details well.  the chandelier is very charming with the turquoise glass beads around the center.  i also like the layered rugs.

i wouldn’t get tired of this kitchen either.  it’s from the same california home.

and how inviting is the guest room!

well off to catch up on my favorite blogs.  happy monday.
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